The idea is to have fun with the photo booth. Put on a mask, a hat, a pirates eye patch, a boa, sunglasses, beads and make a goofy face then get a series of four pictures taken for your scrapbook or for facebook.


Contact us for availability. We offer two types of photo booths as described on our home page, so choose the right one for your event and get the party started.


TLC Photography  402-397-9200 phone



Depending on the complexity of your lighting requirements we have partnered with a company called  Fadeup Design Group in Omaha and they can provide you with extensive and elaborate lighting design to turn your event into a  true work of art. The creative possibilities are endless. Just plug in, select a color, and start painting walls with light! Bright, energy-efficient LED lights (they use very little power and will stay cool through your whole reception)  


Lighting can be broken down into elements. First, you have the uplighting against the walls. Think of that as the background of a photo. Then there are spot lights to accentuate certain areas like flowers on tables, ceilings, wedding cakes etc. .


You can then have lighting under the table cloths that will make the head table glow.  You can turn an otherwise boring reception hall into an amazing display of light and color to help accentuate your wedding color scheme. You can make your wedding color pallet come to life.  With the proper use of up-lighting you can completely transfor your wedding reception.



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